Daniel G. Floyd

Daniel was born with an articulation disorder that made his speech difficult to understand. He has been in speech therapy since the second grade and throughout his high school years. He was often bullied and made fun of because of his speech. Although he was confident in other areas of his life and had good friends and family support, he always worked on improving his speech.

During his junior year of high school at 17 years old, he developed the SpeechMasterPro to help others like himself with speech challenges. To bring his invention to market he retained services from product developers, a patent attorney, a manufacturer and others. Since inception in 2013, SpeechMasterPro has improved speech for people around the world. To learn more check out SpeechMasterPro.com.

After experiencing success with SpeechMasterPro, Daniel developed PauseApp a mobile application for Android phones. PauseApp is a solution for social media addiction along with depression caused by excessive social media usage. To learn more view explainer video linked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqFuWjqyWnc&t=2s